Technology Rental solutions for business

Discover hassle-free technology rentals with tailored services and 20 years of experience.


Short Term Rentals

Rent technology from as short as 1 day, for your event, project or office.

Rent for Business

Rent any technology from 3-36 months and choose from our range of full-service options.


Explore a range of solutions to help manage your IT hardware environment and lower your IT costs.


Try our Full-Service rentals- here’s all the good stuff

Hardware Support

Includes hardware support with free access to our helpdesk to resolve hardware issues.

Next Day Swapout

We replace faulty hardware the next business day.

Theft and Damage

Devices are covered against theft and damage.

Flexible Contracts

Get a device for 1 day up to 3 years

Free Delivery

Free delivery, collection and support logistics in main centres

Why do customers love our rentals?

At Go Rentals, we take pride in delivering exceptional service to our clients. From personalized solutions to cost savings and reliable hardware, our customers have many reasons to love our technology rentals. Let us show you how we can exceed your expectations


"Once again, thank you so much for the excellent customer service received! You made the process seamless and I will certainly recommend using the company going forward."

"You have certainly set an extremely high standard of service for which you can be proud of. I will certainly not hesitate to recommend Go Rentals services."

"thank you for the amazing service I have received from all of you at go rentals. Emmanuel delivered all my devices this morning super quick and was awesome and helped in every way possible."

"Thank you for the Service that you have provided for us! It was some of the Best Service we received in quite a while."


Need clarification?

What is Short Term Rentals?

With our short-term technology rentals, you can rent for as short as 1 day, for that project, event or even an exam.

What is Long Term-Rentals?

Long- Term rentals is typically 24 or  36 months.

How is Long Term Rentals different from Device-as-a-Service?

Long-Term Rentals and DaaS are both rental solutions that offer businesses access to devices without the need for upfront capital investments. However, DaaS is a more comprehensive rental solution that includes a larger range of services all bundled into the monthly price per unit. This includes device procurement, management, support, maintenance, and upgrades, aimed at taking the hassle and cost of owning computers off businesses. On the other hand, Long-Term Rentals is simply a rental for a fixed period, with a more limited range of included services. Long-Term Rentals is best suited for businesses that need devices for a specific long term period, while DaaS is ideal for businesses that require devices on a more ongoing basis and want a hassle-free end-user hardware environment.

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